Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HOT 97's Whose Next Live Showcase - ARE THEY REALLY NEXT??

So last night if you were following my twitter :) you would know I went to the Hot 97's Whose Next Live Showcase at SOB's.

My friend's friend was working the door so we got in free YAY!!! (always love those words)

Show started about ehhh 8 30 I got there hmm maybe 10. Kind of happy that I did because as I walked in the opener showcase acts on stage were 3 dudes one with no shirt on ( a little scary lol) screaming Jersey but sounded like straight SOUTHERN rappers. That alone left an impression in my head on where this night was headed.

First stop DRINKS!!! :)

SO as I tuned them out a tad was actually was there to see the main acts which featured Teyana Taylor, Masta Ace and Wordsworth frm EMC, and Consequence (who brought a special surprise guest** which really made my night)

The sad thing about all the openers I paid attention to NONE of them which hmm in audience perspective was NOT GOOD. My friend whispered in my ear "They are all so wack" which brought to my mind how the HELL is HOT 97 choosing WHOSE NEXT because honestly speaking the ones tonite YEA,NOT SO MUCH!!!

Ok there was actually one opener that caught my attention enough for me to find him on myspace which really takes ALOT out of me.

His name is Sha Stimuli a Brooklyn Rapper who actually said actual words that meant something. A bit of his bio reads:

In 2004, critics proclaimed Stimuli to be the "next best thing to come out of Brooklyn since Biggie and Jay-Z.. after he released his second mix-tape, "Follow My Lead". His witty, complex verses made listeners quickly press rewind. In 2005, staying loyal to his fans Stimuli dropped "Switch Sides", a CD/DVD combination where he masters the art of storytelling. With his street credibility and industry recognition growing, Stimuli caught the eye of Lenny S, then A & R of Virgin Records. Under the direction and support of his former management team CUT Entertainment, and in conjunction with his production company Underworld Music, Stimuli soon negotiated a deal with the major record label.

Check out his myspace page for more info


-Teyana Taylor

I've seen this girl ALL OVER THE INTERNET but had not heard her song not once. Her hit singe "google me" reminds me of a Missy track updated.

I was talking to one of the guys in the audience who is part of her camp and his words were "yea, she is the next big thing"

The performance was eh.blah.iveseenthisamilliontimes BUT she does have an EXOTIC image that can take her far as well as millionaire Pharrell backing her up which could take her even further.

The entire performance lasted about a good 20 minutes complete with back up dancers and all I could focus on was her 6 pack abs (note to self: get back into the gym)

Masta Ace and Wordsworth 1/2 of the group EMC came and did their thing quite well. There are so many underrated hip hop artists out there getting no love but we've got GOOGLE ME getting spins everywhere

I felt a little bad because half of the performance was PLUGGING their album so PLEASE go out and get that IMMEDIATELY.

Consequence got on stage. Not a big fan but I woke up when ** Q-Tip hopped on stage. Mind you the whole time they had been plugging a surprise guest. Kind of knew it would be him since I was standing next to him 75% of the night thinking when is he gonna get on stage already.

Afta he left the stage I made my way to the exit Consequence was still performing but it was late and I had to be up early the next day.

All together a pretty good show. Met more cool people in the audience then the one's on the stage. Hadn't been to SOB's in a while either.

Might even go to The Cool Kids show at SOBS on April 6th and see what all that hype is about :)
If your going hit me up

-Peace & Blessings

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