Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Video... Day 26 - Got Me Going

So Diddy has put out the new video of Day 26. The video was eh.iguessso. Let's see where this all goes...

Looks like Diddy is trying to make a new 112 hmmm u think.

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starlitpr said...

Wow...just found your blog thanks to Twitter! I normally follow Ariel's stuff (she has good info). Anyhow, it's funny how you mention that Day 26 reminds you of 112! I have the pleasure of working with Q of 112 on his solo project. He had some thoughts about the construction of Day 26 (which I won't go into) but he still has the utmost respect for Puff. 112 still does tours and be on the look out for the solo release of Q Parker's "Real Talk" under the imprint NewFAm/Drift City!

Check new music from Q at