Friday, April 4, 2008

My New Love... LAST.FM

Sorry I've been so BAD with blogging lately but it's for a REALLY good reason..

Im still new to the whole blogging world (as a blogger) so i've been doing some reasearch and trying out a few new sites to add in and feature mp3's into my blog .. so I can start pumping out some great new features to the blog!

-Any suggestions PLEASE help me out! :)

In the process of doing that I'm learning tons of new things.

Im an AVID Pandora listener and I think its the best thing since sliced bread - music I want to hear and not that force fed mess anymore

I started playing around with a few things over at and came across their music player (which problaby has been around forever) but again im in the process of learning everything.

Well from using it for the last few weeks to me its JUST LIKE pandora, where you are able to put into your sounds like and they play all the songs that is in the category that you may like and you can skip the one's you hate.

So i've been listenting to my LAST.FM radio player ALL WEEK!

Wanted to post up my Last.FM playlist so you can take a walk in my shoes :)


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